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Policies/Terms & Conditions

Dear Customers by entering our store you agree to our policies, terms and conditions.  Once items and goods leave our store Mean Screens Auckland takes no responsibility for those items.

Returns Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your order please email us and let us know the problem.  We will work with you to rectify this.  We will require that all or part of your order be returned to us for inspection.

If you supply your own garments Mean Screens Auckland can not be held responsible for any damage costs to the garments during the decoration process.  Please note that supplied items are provided at your own risk as some materials may react badly to the print process.

All supplied garments must be checked by the customer before sending them to ensure that there are no manufacturing defects. Mean Screens Auckland will not, at any time, be responsible for any imperfections in the finished product if faulty garments are supplied.

All garments are supplied at your own risk and Mean Screens Auckland will not be responsible for the cost of the supplied garment. Due to the nature of the business, spoils are possible and we strongly recommend supplying some extra pieces if you need exact quantities.

Please be aware that a handling fee may be added at our discretion.


Your basic standard colours we have in stock are: black, white, red, green, yellow, blue, pink, grey, brown, orange and purple.  Apart from these standard colours there are many more colours and shades to choose from.  (please see the colour chart attached)  If you are unsure we will do our best to match the colours that are in your design.  

If there is a specific colour you would like us to use this will incur additional costs as we would have to order this in.  However you will be able to keep the ink and take this with you.  With specific colours we generally wont use them again so If you want to get more garments printed in the future you can bring your ink in with you at no extra cost. 

Height Placement:

Your standard height placement is generally 60mm-100mm from the collar down.  This is dependent on the size of the garment. If you have a specific measurement it is important to let us know what you would like instead.  You can use a standard size ruler and measure this yourself at home and note this down in your request.

Size of Print:

Our standard sizing for a front print placement is 350mm x 400mm and 100mm x 100mm for a front left chest placement.  (see attachment for suggested sizing chart).  If there is a specific size of print you want please let us know this in your request.  It is important to note that pullover hoods have height limitations due to the front pocket. 

This means if you want the same design on tees and hoods you need to be aware that the size of print you choose for your tees may not fit on the hoods because of the front pocket.  If you want different sizing for your hoods this will incur additional costs as we would have to make a separate screen.  

Multiple Placements:

If you want your design printed on multiple places of the garment this will also incur additional costs as we charge per screen made.  For example if you want a large front placement, small front left chest and/or a placement on the arm we would need to make 3 separate screens for you.  Obviously if you would like the same size print on the front and back this would only require one screen, therefore you would only be charged for one screen.

Colour Changes:

Colour change fees occur when the same design is printed in a different colour within the same order/job.  For example, if you want 20 tees printed with the same design and you want 10 tees printed in white and the other 10 tees printed in black.  This would require a colour change and will be charged for accordingly. These charges will be reflected in your quote.

Final Touch:

We do offer a final touch of heat pressing garments once they have been screen printed.  This gives the garment a smooth flat finish for that professional look.  The more garments you have printed the price for a final touch per garment becomes cheaper. 

Test Print:

We do not offer tests prints for screen printing as the setup required is to big for a one off.

DTF and Vinyl prints we can offer a test print or a one off print. 

Design Confirmation:

You must ensure that when you send us your design that any wording has the correct spelling/grammar/punctuation also it is your responsibility to ensure the overall design is correct upon sending us your final design.  Once clothing is printed, changes cannot be made and any costs remain in place.

Our Policies: Our Policies
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